We Specialize in Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Post Falls and Spokane Valley

Our Process

We use state-of-the-art Prochem Truck Mounted equipment – hot water extraction system.

Pre-work inspection: The first step that we will make is going through all the areas to be cleaned. We will inspect for visible spots and areas that will need more work than other areas.

Pre-Conditioning :Pre-conditioning is used to break up tougher areas such as high-traffic areas and spots. This step will help loosen the soil and stains before the cleaning.

Rinsing Next: We rinse and extract your carpet with hot water using our high powered Truck-Mounted equipment leaving carpets residue-free and feeling soft.

Quick Dry : We use Drymaster technology and blowers to get your carpets dry as quickly as possible.

Groom Finally : We groom your carpet with a carpet rake, lifting the pile up, leaving your carpets looking like new.

Groom Finally: We groom your carpet with a carpet rake, lifting the pile up, leaving your carpets looking like new.

Residential Cleaning

We offer the standard 3 and 5 area cleaning services for your residence. The process happens as follows: We follow the process listed above: Inspection, pre-conditioning using non-toxic, non-harmful chemicals to clean your carpets or rugs. We follow up with a hot-water extraction process to leave your carpet feeling soft and renewed.

Commercial Cleaning

We also offer commercial cleaning upon requests. The same routines follow for the residential cleaning including the two-step clean and rinse method. We use Prochem, reliable and dependable equipment.
Non-harmful chemicals will ensure that the process will not effect your business’ flow. For corporate or large sectional cleaning, be sure to call in advance for an accurate quote..

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets aren’t the only parts of your home that can retain pollutants, odors, and dander. Upholstery can hold just as much odor and stains to such a subtle degree that it would go unnoticed to the resident. Thankfully, Clean-Master offers residential carpet cleaning with a process to remove stains and odor.
Call in advance for an upholstery quote. Call now for more details about removing stains and odors from your upholstery.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Removing pet odor from your home can be a challenging task. Most homeowners understand the struggle in keeping their pets from staining or resting on the furniture. It might seem impossible to rid your home of that pet odor.
We are rug cleaning experts in getting rid of pet odor and stains in your carpet and upholstery We have a successful step-by-step process to rid your upholstery and carpet of odors and stains! Clean-Master offers special packages for Pet Odor & Pet Stain Removal in Post Falls and Spokane Valley. Call for more information.


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